Hallowed Self-Will – Faith and Truth

The hopes and wonders of ordinary people into finding a transcendent condition of some form of sacred inner or ethereal dimension – thus spiritual – made me look at this transformational human experience. Having my own spiritual beliefs – in form of religion and internal experience – I started to look at the meaning life has to people, through certain constructed notions of reaching spirituality, such as temptation, faith, truth and sacrifice.

Hallowed Self-Will is an observational experience of consciousness and conception of human vulnerability in front of good or bad. Religious or not, spirituality is an exploratory ideal journey in which people embark to search salvation from succumbing in a darkened experience. Through the domestic symbolic objects I use in still-life and portraits, I seek to define the nature of circumstances that make people vulnerable and connect them to spirituality. Each portrait of human existence is a reminder of the journey to create, redeem and destroy.

The allure of the sensual temptation, the faithfulness of spiritual awakening, the purity and patience of the truth, transforms the attainability of these deities experiences in conjunction with the degree of belief.

Faith, the second sequence, aims at the viewers’ coexistence with the photographs through spiritual awakening, appearing like an messenger of eternity. Truth, the third sequence, speaks about purity and patience, and becomes a window of breaking the inside boundaries of fear.

*all Hallowed Self-Will series are taken in natural light setup

Hallowed Self-Will-Faith_01 Hallowed Self-Will-Faith_02 Hallowed Self-Will-Faith_03 Hallowed Self-Will-Faith_04 Hallowed Self-Will-Faith_05 Hallowed Self-Will-Faith_06
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