Hello Atlanta!

Keeping this blog in the past years helped me discover myself, and the essential passion I found in here, pushed me transpose my dream into reality. I wrote here things that were important to me, that enthusiast me and all the present and warm feelings made me feel better in the pursing of my dream.

Today, I am writing you from Atlanta where I already started my graduate classes. I arrived here with so much excitement, ready to take my passion for photography to the next level! This emotional moment of changing homes, of leaving behind friends and dear ones, made me find my rhythm slowly. Atlanta is beautiful, warm and friendly and SCAD facilities are amazing! I enjoyed the pleasure of being again a student as I enrolled in my first classes, and I awaited with emotion to know my professors. SCAD’s international and graduate orientation session have been wonderful, and I had the chance to listen to Teresa Griffis’ speech on both of my orientation sessions. I felt incredibly inspired by her words of wisdom and sincerity, and I was once again happy to be among so many creative people in this art school.

I started immediately to take advantage of the incredible cultural life of Atlanta, by discovering the High Museum of Art and seeing the breath-taking painting of Vermeer – Girl with a pearl earring (exhibition available till September 29th), and an amazing selection of dutch master paintings. I enjoyed the exhibition as I went through the inspirational tableaux and excellent technique of the dutch masters of Golden Age. I spent several minutes to contemplate the Girl with a pearl earring enjoying the candid glaze Vermeer captured in his painting and the personal atmosphere he managed to set around the mysterious girl. Willem Heda and Pieter Claesz draw my attention with their outstanding still life composition tableaux.

I went already into the search of beautiful props for an upcoming photographic project I am preparing for the Graduate Critique SCAD class, and I discovered so many original and creative creations in the nearby surroundings. In order to broaden my artistic horizon I will make sure to attend also the Boston-based photographer Nicholas Nixon’s lecture at the High Museum this week. Through this academic year, I will speak to you a lot about what exhibitions I will attend here and impression from my SCAD classes, details about what project I’ll be doing and the final outcome. I leave you now with few of the shots I managed to take on my trips in the city on sunny or rainy weather. I love the geometry of lines I captured and the moodiness of the urban. See you soon!

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