Fried Shrimp Appetizers with Chilli and Garlic Sauce

Knowledge is the driving force that puts creative passion to work. – Maurice Sendak

Dear all,

I’m finally coming back after a short break in which I was working on photographic creative projects more than ever. I never felt creativity striking so strong and I needed this time of abandon to photography.  I will very soon share with you all my upcoming projects and what I’ve done this summer.

Meantime thought, less not forget that my new adventure in United States is about to begin and I’m starting already to pack. Starting next week I will blog all the way from Atlanta, leaving back a handful of friends, and above all, lots of memories and a dearest love. I”m very excited about the new life is waiting from me at SCAD and very eager to start learning new things, to experiment photography and explore my inner creativity.

What Liberty Ate blog will change also once with my big leap in Atlanta and will keep a more constant rhythm of posting. Be sure to be back here to see the newest things I’m preparing for you. Also, don’t forget that What Liberty Ate magazine, issue #5 is on its way and there are left only few days for your submissions. This year issue #5 will be launched in an exclusive format and will be packed with very original content on which I worked all summer. I’m leaving you now with this versatile and extremely tasteful cornmeal fried shrimp you can make at any party or even romantic dinner with your beloved one.

Shrimp Shrimp appetizers Shrimp Shrimp appetizers Shrimp appetizers