The Sophisticated Rebranding Project of SportyChoco

Few weeks ago I was telling you about the amazing sophisticated project I’m undergoing with Irina Vochita, the creator of SportyChoco, an organic Romanian brand manufacturing chemical-free beauty care products and raw vegan food. This week, I have the pleasure of presenting to you the outcome of the amazing photo-shoot I made to her products.

The products that Irina creates are non-toxic and made with organic and raw edible ingredients that have the role to nourish and clean healthy your skin. Equally, the food products Irina creates are in the same way made with care for natural and full of nutrients ingredients, transforming the boring raw food in beautiful, gourmet meals ready any time to be tasted. We all have already acknowledged today the trend with the raw and vegan food, but Irina’s craft isn’t only a business but equally a lifestyle. More then this, she is focusing on the design and details of the food, making raw/vegan food to have the calssical beauty of any french dessert. During the next months we will continue the rebranding process, introducing to you each month the fresh ideas we put at the base of this process.

Almond butter1 Baby delight1 Be gorgeous1 Choco butter1 Cinderella1 Cookie1 Crunchy crackers1 Dark chocolate1 Delicious1 Freedom crema after shave1 Gentleman crema de ras1 Gorgeous1 Light me up1 Little snow white1 Little snow white21 Macaroons gourmet1 Magic potion1 My favorite honey1 My precious1 My secret friend1 My secret partner1 Negresa cu pecan si goji Pecan butter1 Poker face1 Queen of hearts1 Royal chocolate1 Silky pinky1 Sporty fit bars1 Sunshine1 Travel kit1 Vanilla delight1 White delight1