Florilegium – Fatum Rhapsody – a heart-warming allegory about fairies, dreams and love

My beloved,

For a long time I’ve been waiting for you again here, as we used to be, dreaming with the eyes wide opened in the furious stormy nights or clear sky evenings. Many times I turned and searched you on the dark road you took when you decided to leave.

Tonight – as well as tomorrow morning or while I’ll give my heart wings to fly – I love you in a way that you have not yet known. I’m turning around your heart with immense love, I’m changing my likeness in the desire for your presence and love.

Tonight, I love you with many faces, in different seasons, with flowers, smiles, sadness, darkness and freedom. I feel honest to say that my heart is empty while waiting for you and that I search for our moments of love. As I stand in the sunshine, I feel my heart full of peace and harmony only when I’m thinking about your love.

Your loving soul.

Text, photography and styling ©Copyright 2013 Gabriela Iancu | Models - Paloma Berrocal & Teresa Crisóstomo

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