Breakfast Croissants and Rustic Salad

The past months have been such a roller-coaster for me out here. I was feeling a myriad of emotions with the changes that were entering my life, but I’ve tried to keep down some routine tasks that would keep me with the feet on the ground. Mainly it has been my boyfriend, who has supported me along the way in all these years, he showed me an incredible support for which I’ll be grateful all my life; but also the photographic projects I was working on, helped me keep my balance.

This morning, is one of the few last to come on European land, and I want to share with you one of the summer breakfast choice I love so much. I’m an avid lover of good, organic tomatoes, therefore summer is heaven for me. This simple and so tasty and fulfilling combination, can guarantee you a nice breakfast to start your day with!

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