Sporty Choco – All Around the Clock Beauty and Raw Food Products

I feel so blessed when I can meet people that can inspire me – from little things that can make my day better to things that can motivate me to create. Today, I want to speak you about Sporty Choco, a beautiful and authentic raw and vegan Romanian brand brought to life by Irina Vochita. You can remember Irina from What Liberty Ate magazine, where she is writing original raw and vegan recipes since the very first issue. Irina is personal trainer and a Worldclass Romania member, with a very specific focus on healthy leaving. This year, I have redesigned her website and recently I have recreated her online shop, but the new image isn’t stopping here.

Today we are proudly launching the new online shop together with brand new product visuals that I styled and photographed for Sporty Choco. All her products are manufactured in small quantities, at demand and with the purest and best ingredients out there, ranging from organic raw cocoa mass, organic raw cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder, coconut milk, cashew milk, orange juice, yacon syrup, chia seeds, tucuma butter, argan oil, pomegranate oil, manuka honey. Like this you will always know you have the best and fresh product on the market! Product shipment to Europe are made with the postal service, so don’t hesitate to be tempted by this lovely and organic products.

Even though Irina is actively working on her business in Romania, the distance didn’t stopped us to work together for this wonderful re-branding. Irina is such a diligent person, is the perfect client any creative artist would want to have it. Make sure to stop by her new website and shop, to check out her wonderful products!

Ulei aromat pentru masaj Sportychoco Sporty Glossy Rose Honey Praline cu cocos si lucuma Prajiturele pentru baie Invitatie la rasfat I Am Bliss Hot chocolate Goldie - crema hidrantanta pentru conturul ochilor Ciocolata cu chia si goji