Korma Carbonara Salmon Fettuccine with Herbs and Mongo Sprouts

You know me, I’m very open minded and I can not step back and not experiment each time I have the occasion to taste and cook with new, fresh and exotic ingredients. I love to discover new tastes, aromas, new ways of combining things. I played with flours, spices, juices and many more.

Today I’m bringing you this light, but full of flavor dish, I prepared few days ago. It involves the best things I love to eat: salmon, a dash of good spices, and homemade pasta. Lately, I was cooking a lot of variation of curries, since I’ve been blessed with new stock of fresh spices directly from India, thanks to a very kind colleague of mine. This recipe is using korma paste I found in a shop here, which is basically a mild curry paste with coconut and ground almonds. I founded excellent the hint of this assertive paste with the creaminess of carbonara and the sweet and delicate taste of the salmon.

 Korma Carbonara Fettuccine1 Korma Carbonara FettuccineA1 Korma Carbonara FettuccineB1 Korma Carbonara FettuccineC1jpg Korma Carbonara FettuccineD1 Korma Carbonara FettuccineE1