A Journey and Coconut Milk Panna Cotta with Rhubarb Rosewater Jam and Berries

A human being becomes human not through the casual convergence of certain biological conditions, but through an act of will and love on the part of other people. – Calvino

I can not believe how much photography has done for me, how much I changed, and how many diverse and dense experiences I lived, felt, struggled and understood since my first shy and clamping post on this blog. I grew, yes I did. I felt that I needed and I wanted to make my universe, my vision and imaginative stories available to everyone. Today, we shall celebrate the third anniversary of the space that has been during these years, a wonderful, intimate house for my thoughts and dreams.

This blog has been an incredible journey, in which I tried to do everything I did, well. I tried to do everything I wanted to do, always thinking about what I desire most, and then see where my imagination could lead me. I disciplined myself and I worked hard, very hard. I didn’t knew from the beginning what exactly I wanted, and most of the time I was trying to find the assurance this is what I want. I worked hard to improve myself, not only as an artist, but equally as a person. Photography changed for me the way I see today the world.

The process of understanding what I really wanted in my professional life that I underwent few months ago, showed me what I’m searching for, isolated me and made me turn to photography more. I was so ready to be completely honest with myself, with what I wanted to do next. It has been incredibly difficult to start doing this, especially when you feel the so-called support of the friends, more as a jealousy or mocking for trying to reach such a high dream. But delusion didn’t put me back from the road I wanted to take. And what I understood finally, no matter the result of this high dream, was that all this incredible process made me stronger, if I will be able to overcome myself, then I will succeed. I needed to create something for me, I needed to find my peace, and I will not be hypocrite and not admit it, this blog hasn’t been here to impress anyone, this blog has been here first and foremost for me.

This blog has been an attempt of seeking evolution, of establishing a ground to the morality I was looking for, a space where I could feel free, where my ideas could have a meaning and where I could improve myself. I was photographing most of the weekdays, so that I can truly understand my calling and feel today a bit more comfortable approaching the subject of my interest. Blessedness and sorrow are equally within us and we continue to be restless to find our inner freedom. I wish everyone to find an opportunity in each of their mistakes to make something truly amazing about themselves.

This is a celebration film for What Liberty Ate’s three years of blogging, emphasizing delicate light, peaceful atmosphere and a versatile panna cotta recipe, filmed in a rustic and atemporal place. I hope you will truly enjoy it!

Panna cotta anniversary1Panna cotta A1 Panna cotta B1 Panna cotta C1 Panna cotta D1 Panna cotta E1 Panna cotta F1 Rhubarb Jam1