Huevos Rancheros Tortillas Breakfast and Omnivor

Good morning, world!

This summer you can read me in the most new publication of Decât o Revistă magazine – Omnivor – a cultural gastronomic journal. Omnivor appeared from the desire of speaking about what and how we eat today, which are the trends and phenomena of the gastronomy, with a specific focus on the healthy food, looking back at the traditions, sustainability, food blogging, liberating the act of cooking or transforming your passion into a business. Cristian Lupșa – the editor in chief of Decât o Revistă, kindly asked me to tell the story of my favorite food photograph, and the result you can find it in the first issue of Omnivor, beautifully designed by Solène Cesbron. I spoke about my healthy take on the American pancakes, how Liberty’s Pancakes turned out to be my favorite photograph, and what was the process of falling in love with photography and food. I feel really proud to be included in such thoughtful and creative publication. Thank you Decât o Revistă and Omnivor.

On another note, I’m delighting you this morning with a very easy and extremely tasteful recipe – the huevos rancheros with salmon and bacon. Huevos rancheros are quick to make and can be full delish breakfast or even dinner. I made my own tortillas using this recipe that I was featuring in the What Liberty Ate magazine issue #3; but if you don’t feel like cooking this summer, you can buy them too.


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