What Liberty Ate Magazine – The Elegance and Femininity Issue (#4)

Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees. The unknown was always so attractive to me…and still is. Hedy Lamarr

I got out this diary, this experimental space that I constructed and where I put my ideas and I let them shape based on the way my feelings and vision evolved. I confess, I love all these series of moods and sensation that the difficulty, craziness and absurdness of some of my ideas have, but which finally get experimented into something personal, coming from inside me. Seeing my ideas coming to life in their own way, getting born from almost nothing—this makes me feel that I have the greatest self-approval and capacity an artist can have. I’m trying to create different worlds, magic or contemporaneous, intimate or opened, to experiment, to learn discipline, hard work, observation, criticism, struggles—which bring so much joy in reward. My belief is to work and lead my ideas to results that have to touch me first, to break any kind of limits, to explore and get joy from all this.

What sort of space did I wanted or want this to be? An independent state of mind and unconventional one, an original and inspirational collection of thoughts, ideas, work and art what can make any soul joy. I like all its ways and with all its faults, fears, sadness, dreams, joy, courage, certitude, incertitude, stories and creations—everything that I learnt and I will learn to intake and nourish myself. I feel I have so much to give—that will rich me and you equally—each time I gave away here a part of my dreams which I hope that some of you will begin to live it in a respectfully way too. I will renounce no dream, this is my promise and each time I will feel that incredible and full of power struggle, I’ll be back here and remember what kept me going all this time.

These are the thoughts and the drive I had while I started the fourth issue of What Liberty Ate magazine. I finally found something in me that helped me going and perfect my passion and hopefully this will become soon my professional practice. In this issue, I gathered precepts about elegance, viewed not only as well-framed outside posture, but also as a sense, naturally touching food, soul and mind—from the muse concept perception to elegant food to serve at black tie events or intimate parties. I explored the logical dependence of ingenuity and honest approach of an idea that is making photography to be seen as an intimate way of living, seeing, projecting the life—where the model is being broken, ideas are conceptualized and hearts are opened. The personal stories are result of an intimate struggle that is revealing a clarified version of the stance in which an individual can be found once the struggle is over. Radical changes in our lives— like death, departures are affecting our perception on beauty and blemish. I refined ideas dear to me, I highlighted sophisticated details, and gave you today an manifestation of simple and sublime elegance in everything that surrounds us.

This issue is a myriad of minimalist details that are beautifully enhancing each page’s design, each text or photograph. I focused a lot on the relevancy of the content too and I created 2 beautiful short films to showcase the impossible unwritten feelings, that music and moving images can do to our soul and mind. I highlighted a beautiful Romanian heritage—the Romanian blouse “Ia” in a should touching film and I focused on the magic of the changing the seasons, preparing food at home, and being more thoughtful at everything is surrounding us. You can buy a limited print edition here. Thank you to all wonderful contributors!

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