April Surrender and Liberty’s Pancakes

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings. Agnes Martin

Last months have been tremendously busy for me out here. In between photo-shoots for the new issue of What Liberty Ate magazine, moving into a new house, plans for future, my regular job (I’m still involved full-time in projects for IBM), graphic design projects, and a BIG photo-shoot for a major client in Czech Republic, for which I styled over 30 fresh drinks, cocktails and milkshakes, I found time to film this short movie in my new studio. I moved into a big and full of light house, and I set up my studio into the spacious mansard. I can not tell you how happy I am with this change, I found the light is simply amazing here, and I can not wait to find more time to experiment further with the light, set up and the rest, as I’m blooming ideas! Let me know what you think about my short films, I first started to compile videos in 2005, but since then it has been an eternity and since I received my Canon 5D Mark II I’m more eager to recall this asleep passion and to improve it.


But enough about this, I wanted to tell you a little about how amazing was my experience as food stylist. It’s amazing to work with a big professional team and to merge your ideas and vision with the one the client has. It’s all based on communication and you have to make sure that you’re clear enough about all your intentions before starting doing the job. You have to adapt while still keeping your style to the requirements. Food styling or photographing food might seems super easy, but above all there is a lot of work which is going inside one photograph, organization, planning and talent from all sides. I was communicating great with the photographer for this shooting, you have to make sure as food stylist that you understand the vision of the photographer and vice-versa. At the end you and him will be responsible for the whole project’s result. I’ll make sure to be back here with some photographs of this shooting to illustrate for you better this experience, and more details on the story. Later on I’ll be also involved in some other projects for styling and photographing and this is only making me even more happier to do what I love. And not last, please don’t forget in mid-May we are launching our 4th issue of What Liberty Ate magazine, it’s all packed gorgeously, I have worked a lot to elevate it and grow it into a beautiful collection volume to read and enjoy at any time!

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