Le Chateau d’Amour and a Gluten Free Caramel Ganache Festive Cake

“You have grown so much to be a part of my life that it is empty without you.”Eleanor Roosevelt

Love pushes our limits, it transforms us, either we want to accept or not, it helps us to find a common path where we use same language to live a peaceful experience. Love it’s above all an exchange of feelings that brings peace in our hearts and lives. Love it’s ambitious because finds the wildest in us and it’s abating our urge of over-appreciated human self-destruction into a better version of us. Love puts us in a real space, while keeping its mystery, contentedness, gentleness.

There is nothing that speaks more to me about love than a warm house in winter times, a cat purring gently with belly up, a glass of warm milk or red wine, a good meal and a good heart close to mine. Love makes us stronger, full-hearted and pushes us on a road full of unknown, where we need to go beyond anything we have met, known and experimented before and find that only tiny lane where we feel harmoniously happy. Here we replace our selfishness with gentleness of other’s heart and accept more of the imperfect world. Finding love equals to me with finding a piece of you that will balance and counterbalance any sadness, happiness, failure or success and will fill any need you may have, will make you see life at its true color, neither too perfect or imperfect.

This short film and cake is my small and humble dedication to my other half, for our four years of love, time in which together we brought so many things to life. I have been fortunate enough to have had received gifts that speak more of commitment and heart value than money, thus this blog would have never existed if my boyfriend would not have supported me enormous into making it, our beloved cat would have never had the chance to brighten our days, if it wasn’t for him, our companionship would have never evolved and be today an incredible peaceful adventure if it wasn’t for both of us. I simply love you so…

Love chateau      Love_chateauC1Love1 Love_chateauD1 Love chateauLove_chateauE1Love_chateauF1