Florilegium – Loving Little Precious Things

1. January

Loving little precious things

1. Enjoying Christmas
2. Reading the thoughtful Decât o Revistă magazine and bubbly Millesime magazine.
3. Discovering Fifty Shades of Grey story through the beautiful French language.


Christmas 2012 DoR and Millesime Fifty Shades of Grey

Florilegium is dedicated to you – the restless soul, always in search of love, of believes, the poor soul killed with sadness or with too much joy; is dedicated unconditionally to the one, and only true believer in those dreams that you know they will some day reach the starts, and will be true to you. Florilegium will be a non-defined term project that will guide you closer to the truth of who you are, aiming ambitiously to forget about any limits and obstacles life will suddenly put in your path. These are my imagery persuasions.