Heading to Christmas – Les Palmiers Feuilletés

I’m in the eve of preparation for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait to share with you this easy and so heavenly tasting recipe. I first tried this caramelized pastry back in France in 2007, and in my last trip to Paris in November, I tasted something even better from Le Moulin de la Vierge boulangerie, I showed you in few shots over here. Of course, I couldn’t wait to make at home these crunchy, soft, caramelized pastry cookies. I think they are great for Christmas and so easy to make. If you want to impress with french cookies, these are the ones. I will be back in few days with more recipes of holiday inspiration, but until then may all of you have a very happy Christmas!
Les palmiers feuilletésA1 Les palmiers feuilletésB1 Les palmiers feuilletésC1 Les palmiers feuilletésD1 Les palmiers feuilletésE1