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There is no easy way how to start speaking about this. And never will be. But life taught us to be strong and has thrown in our way obstacles to get by and never give up. I will speak you about a person that can be a role model for many of us here. I will speak you about Ramona – a beautiful young lady, which knows the hope, the good heart and is in love with life.

I met Ramona and her sister, two wonderful and full of life girls, long time ago, so many years that I even can not remember it today. In 2006, Ramona suffered an incredible sever car accident that put her in a wheel chair with diagnostic of cervical spinal cord injury with complete severing of the spinal cord and quadriplegia, meaning she was paralysed from neck down.

I haven’t seen her since childhood, our paths split and I have find out this heart-breaking news few weeks back. I can not tell you how said this was for me. After the car accident her vertebrae have been put in place and secured with a metal plate, and since then Ramona is undergoing a permanent recovery treatment. Her all life and dreams have dramatically and inexplicably changed.  The treatment she underwent meant a lot of therapy to make slowly functional all joints, and each day Ramona is spending many hours in order to slowly recover the functionality of each muscle.

Since the car accident Ramona has fight and never gave up for a change to walk again. She is one of the few people I know with such inner strength to recover from such trauma and go on with hope that next day will bring something better, that the next day could make her walk again. All therapeutic treatments she needs are very expensive. Ramona needs our help in order to continue her recovery. She needs to continue, she can not give up, she can not down-fall, we need to help her to walk again. She needs to collect 24.000 eur for one year of recovery treatments.

I wanted to write this post to show we really care about people around us. People we met or not, people that need help, people of which lifes have been destroyed suddenly by unexpected events. No matter how many issues and sorrows our lifes passed, we still should have our souls filled with generosity and be ready to help the ones next to us which are in need. Let’s give her our support in form of donations, let’s help her to go on a new journey. Let’s reach across and help Ramona to enjoy a new day walking! No one has ever become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

You can make donations using details below or by using PayPal from Ramona’s website here.
Ciobanu Ramona Elena
Raiffeisen Bank-SMB
RON: RO14 RZBR 0000 0600 0890 6196
EURO: RO30 RZBR 0000 0600 0890 6199