Rosewater and Pear Cheesecake and a Chapter is Closed

Dear readers,

Recently, a finest joy filled my heart, once the amazing Canon 5D Mark II landed at the doorstep of my house (anticipation of Christmas gifts again!!). I was beyond excitement. I was dreaming for so long to have it and it finally happened! Therefore this is my last post in which I used my very first DSLR camera, my beloved Sony. I’m currently selling it together with my 2 lenses, so if if anyone is interested to buy, drop me an email and I will give you more details about it.

I think every photographer is very attached to its camera, so I was with my Sony. It was almost as an extension of my hand while photographing,  I was using it since the very begging on this blog, and almost it drew a story along side me, by capturing my vision. Now it’s in a drawer very well kept, waiting for a new owner as much as passionate and heart-full as I was.

Canon 5D Mark II opened a new chapter in my life and has brought already so many joy once with the shots taken. As I’m evolving and wanting to learn more and more, I’m trying to evaluate constantly my work. I have big plans for the future and it’s so important to me to be true to myself and work hard to accomplish my path. As I am evaluating my evolution, I’m trying to see if I still follow the line of my thoughts, dreams and expectations. I want to still capture in a honest way the flavors, the smells, the right moment, the energy around and to condense it in a frame. And make that frame talk emotions to the viewers. My fear, emotions, excitement, sadness, moodiness and soul, there’s no true art without soul.

I’m in a continuously discovery and evolution, looking for opportunities to feed my instinct for whimsy things. With no words, I’m trying to suggest the feeling of a certain moment, by the colors, components used in the photographs. I observe. I think. I plan. I wait. I plan again. I’m trying to understand things, to let myself be astonished by the things around, by my ideas. I let myself shrouded in the mystery of things. I don’t want to alter anything. I’m trying to keep pure my emotions and to translate them as they are in a photograph. I might be just an interpreter of things which are going back and forth in my mind, things from all places around me, things, I once read, saw and lived. But, if I succeed to capture all these and the magic of each moment, I can feel blessed.