The Love Cake – Raspberries, Nut Ganache, Praline Chocolate Mousse and Cocoa Sponge Cake

Every year since my 18th, my birthday was celebrated elsewhere then home. It has been Paris, New York, Paris again, Barcelona, Brno. But, even if I had enjoyed all these wonderful places and seen them at their best, I wanted so much to have a simply, calm, home birthday party. I wanted to have the pleasure of baking my own cake, of preparing and anticipating the party.

This year, I was more than happy when I could do this. I simply realized that there’s really no better feeling than be at home with the loved ones. I grew up subtile. I just now see that my horizon has changed, that I’m not looking anymore for fugacious adventures, but instead for something that will last. I’m getting older, you may say, but is not just the fact that we are getting older by each day and year passed, it is the fact that you will get older but not wiser.

I see myself doing things which I have never thought I will do. And more than this, I stubborn not let go any of the things I started and go beyond my limits. And actually, this is the thing I learnt in the past years, we need to learn how to be patient and how to not let go passions, dreams, ideas, projects, just because they are not done at the time we expect. The hardest thing is to keep going when you don’t see any light. But I have never known easy paths, and struggling with life has been more kind of daily activity.

On this new birthday and along the way, I have finally learnt how to be consistent, how to let go childish dreams and replace them by more wise ones, how to build a better version of myself. I learnt I do not want to live in a heartless life, that to be different is not a flaw, and it really matters for the right people. Uniformity is for the weak ones and no matter how different I will be for others, there’s nothing more hallowed in me than my vision, avidness and ideas.

I made this cake together with my boyfriend and is the result of our love. On my birthday I feel giving the best of me to the one who has been next to me unconditional and I feel enough fortunate to have next to me someone who takes the challenge of baking a birthday cake, just to see me happy, because he loves me. I’m thrilled to have spent my birthday in peace and love with my better half. May all of you feel the love in each thing you do!