Homemade Buckwheat and Rice Hazelnut Burger Buns with Goat Cheese and Butter-y Roasted Figs

I don’t know about you, but currently my spare time has shrink to a minimum. I’m heading through end of the year (oh my, how many weeks are still left), with a minimum of energy. However, my inspiration is bursting and I don’t want to leave any occasion in which I can immortalize any of my ideas. I photograph almost daily and in week-ends I take care to develop recipes and next after, photo sessions to highlight the food.

Currently I’m involved in a bunch of projects, few of them will be released soon, others later. And even with all that burn-out I have, Í feel really blessed to have such a huge passion for food and at the same time to be able to photography my food, to imagine it in so many ways.Today, I was browsing through the second issue of What Liberty Ate mag and I felt pretty emotional seeing all the huge work that went into those pages and how wonderful they look now. Be ready to welcome the third issue, which for sure, will make your mouth watery. I have so many pretty things to share with you all, not only in the magazine, but also on this blog, and I’m counting the days remaining to show it!

The today’s recipe is something you want to try. I had developed few recipes recently, which I baked almost continuously since then. With my life-style, waking up at 6 am and coming back at home at 6 or 7 is really hard to keep away from unhealthy temptation. However, since almost one year, I’m enjoying the really amazing taste of some ingredients and I started to write my own recipes.

Today’s burger is all about that! The mix of flavors in it, it’s truly delightful! I had increased slowly the amount of buckwheat in my baking and I’m gradually learning how to work with it and even I gave up using my bread machine and started to knead the dough manually. I hated this before, but now, I’m more interested to know how to work with such amazing ingredients! You can fill these burgers with anything you like, I used roasted figs and fresh goat cheese, because the market is now fully of them. One particular ingredients I absolutely adore is also the hazelnuts, which marry well the assertive flavor of buckwheat burgers!