United Colors of Frida

I’ve changed the easel for an photo camera and my brushes for flowers and food. But I never traded the colors, because there’s nothing better than a chromatic world. I let my imagination run on the motor of the camera and my eye be the brush to paint the colors. However, I don’t paint that much today. I miss from time to time the smell of the turpentine and varnishes. Painture is one of the most consuming art I have ever experimented, it’s a true dedication that can not be shared. However, I never could leave it and the sight of an tableau painted by no matter what means, makes me dream, makes me happy.

There isn’t greatest pleasure than savor the beauty, technique and perfection of the feelings successfully spread on canvas by great artists. I was hopping than, to be able to free my spirit and create that inside voice that will make people feel something. I was and I’m still far from what I wanted to be, in painting or photography, but there isn’t any scale of how good or bad the feelings should be. There’s nothing that could critique the feelings marked in a photo or painting. Nothing will ever make better a creation than the heart. You could master all types of technique, steel others ideas, you can decline yourself to that level of cheap attitude and betray your meaning and principles, we can have all sources of inspiration, but if you are not capable of letting your true feelings out, your desires, fears, imagination, you’re nothing as artist.

There’s only one thing that can make you an artist, and that one thing is the ability of expressing something that comes from inside you. A true artist should have a frightening clarity about himself, to know whether he has something to offer or to know if he is able to translate his feelings into reality. Trying to be as someone you admire, doesn’t make you an artist at all, supposedly imagining the feelings of others, do not make you a better person or a true artist. If you don’t have taste or you don’t know how to interpret your heart, soul and feelings, you rather walk away or try to look deeply into yourself into the search of that something that makes you a real artist.

I wanted to take the risk of putting today something wonderful in front of you. Something courageous, romantic, powerful. I wanted to dare to bring to light a dream of colors I had, something assertive, full of faith, inspirational – Frida – the muse and the beauty of her deep, clean colors. Frida’s pertinacity to believe in her soul and putting that much feelings and pain on canvas, determined me today to bring an ode in a humble way, to the great Frida. The poetry that Frida paint with so much pain, the love she spread around her, made her creation live its beauty and soul. There’s nothing more artistic than the intimacy of the soul brought to life. Frida succeeded in this so well and almost frighting marvelous. More I think about her work, more it warms my soul and more I feel the true sadness that crosses the soul. Happiness would be nothing without the true sorrow and no great things would have had ever been achieved by impulse, but only by heart and soul.

I used Frida as muse for this cheesecake. Glorious and folkloric style adornments made out of raspberries and roses, assertive grain-y cake bottom and chocolate cheese to highlight the dark corners of our souls and the feelings we are most afraid of and red, passionate and seductive raspberries topping for a radical and audacious soul.