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Today, I was so much craving for a good homemade pizza (sigh)! And since I had enough of the ones both elsewhere, I wanted so much to create a recipe and experiment with my favorite type of flours. Therefore, I made use of the buckwheat flour which I adore for its assertive flavor, rice and wheat flour. The combination makes an exquisite grain delicious pizza. Seriously, I couldn’t stop from eating! The recipe is delightfully easy, the dough will turn out crispy on outside and soft and light on inside. You can opt for any of your favorite toppings, but I strongly recommend to use at least the caramelized onions as first base, it’s such a good marriage with the pizza crust! Happy baking, folks!

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  • yumgoggle says:

    This looks really delicious. I love experimenting, mixin & matching in the kitchen. This is how the best things are born out of, is it not? Just like this flavorful pizza…I love the blend of flavors and i am sure the crust is to die for as well…A must try tonight!
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  • becca says:

    this pizza is gorgeous!
    I love your photography, and the ingredients are so perfect. definitely bookmarking this one.
    have you tried it without the wheat flour? I’m trying to think up some gluten-free pizza options…

    • Gabriela says:

      Hi Becca! Thanks! I haven’t tried yet without the wheat flour, I wanted first to test the texture and flavor of this mix and since it was such a big hit for me, I’m looking already into the option without wheat flour. I will let you know how it went. xoxo

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