Dreaming at the Secret Garden and Redesigning a Cheesecake

“It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne Frank

Imagine you are in a secret garden, a garden full of roses; all kind of roses. The smell is charming you completely. Scores of walls full of roses and green bushes, fresh air and beautiful dawn-time light reflecting into the roses. It’s an immense quiet around and soon roses will give us their full bloom. It’s like the sun is shining on the roses and the roses will bloom on the sunshine*. Feel the scent of the grass, of the green leaves, the fresh morning air, and the roses. I have to tell you a story…

I ignored all the bad and kept the good inside me and promised to myself I will do my very best to accomplish something beyond my limits. I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to struggle, to feel I deserve an accomplishment. I didn’t want to receive anything for granted.

I created this place 2 years ago and I envisioned it as my home –  a place full of things that represent me. I wanted to see how much good things are inside me, what I can offer and if I really can go beyond my limits. We never truly believe in ourselves or sometimes we forget to do it. I wanted to stop myself from doing this. I want to create and believe in my creation.

I wanted to make true all the great ideas I thought I had. Something from inside me. I put aside all confusion that was crowding my brain and started to build a place of tranquility, a place that will bring satisfaction and joy. Today, there’s no other bigger joy than to see this blog flowering and producing all these intimate thoughts I had about creation of value.

I have my soul full of gratitude for each one of you, who believed in me! Through your support and kind words I have kept going with this amazing project, that is today – What Liberty Ate. I have the conviction, the will and a lot of ideas to carry out still this blog with inspiration for everyone. I did felt I need to take a step up in order to accomplish my dream as I imagine it, and I did it because I wanted to cherish with enthusiasm and contentedness my life. Each one of us should have a secret garden that is blooming each day, is blooming with courage, good thoughts and gratitude for life.

To thank you all, today I prepared a special giveaway together with my dear fellow, Miss Babacilu, a great jewellery designer. I have created, special for you an inspiration small notebook, full of photos from the blog. Miss Babacilu has hand created some pieces of wonderful work, as per Liberty style : a beautiful gold plated necklace with adorable little bow attached. This is a one of a kind creation, custom made special for this giveaway. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and answer the question “What means happiness for you?”. The giveaway is opened until 14th of July and the winner will be announced here, using. Random.org.

For this special occasion, I wanted to tempt you with something different. I wanted to make a different celebration cake. Something that will mark you. Thus, I imagined this wonderful cheesecake with brioche base. It’s not a filled brioche with cheese, it’s a redesigned cheesecake with brioche bottom flavored with raspberry honey. While spending my vacation in Romania, I met with a dear friend from high-school, which runs now an organic shop. She offered me this wonderful honey 100% organic, made by placing the bee-house near forest raspberry bushes.

I named my cake Rosalia. As a kid I was charmed by the story “The Secret Garden”. While I was in Vienna, I ached for that beautiful rose garden they have there. I couldn’t make my photo-shoot there, but I improvised at home with paper, trying to reproduce the magic of a beautiful story. Also,  I wanted to brake down that classic cheesecake with biscuit or crackers base, I wanted something soft and flavorful for this cheesecake. It was a risky move redesigning a classic, but the result was unbelievable! You never tasted something like this. Soft cheese, soft bottom, flavors all around, raspberries, vanilla,  honeyed scent. Happy birthday, What Liberty Ate!

* Play on words based on the book quote “It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”