The Essence of the Universal Order

Except few abnormal cases, the people will not prejudice to right : what God will incite them to do it? They must to defeat themselves, against their will, to be able to commit the most inessential uncontaminated act of good. Each time they succeed, they defy, humble their creator. And if it happens to be good not because of their effort or determination, but because of their nature, they owe it to a carelessness of the sky: they situate themselves outside the universal order, they were not scheduled in any of the divine plans. Is not known which is their place among the creatures and not even if they are creatures. Could they be a spectrum? – Cioran – The Evil Demiurge (Demiurgul cel rau)

Each evening, they were teaching us how to pray.
– Pray like this, keep your hands like that and now say the night prayer.
Babbling, we were repeating the prayer, on knees, with our little faces watching Virgin Mary, who seemed so beautiful.

Then, in one hot day – or this is maybe how I recall it, maybe it was something that happened just in my child mind dazed by the events – I was walking slow, dressed in black, after the car that was carrying my father to the graveyard. From that moment on everything merged forever with my grand-parents. Like in a dream remembered over and over again, my grand-pas were appearing projected in my life, no matter from where I would have started.

Repeated like a poem, I was hearing all the time, how important it is to be honest in life and that no evil thing will pass unpunished. Sometimes I was not able to understand why all this happened to us and how this order of good will take precedence in front of this world full of evil where everyone seems has succumbed.

In one summer after-noon, in the spirit of the same law according to which our virtues count yet in this chaos where everyone is gravitating, my grand-pa was repairing an old doll named falsely Barbie, mounting wooden legs, shaped by his hands.

Growing I realized that the virtue of crossing to good is only of those with opened soul. Others’ unconscious who live in the false bliss of joy of being away from divinity, I was assigning it to the lake of education. I still do. The freedom of degrading the one next to you with malice, envy, lake of anxiety due to one empty conscience, mediocrity, it couldn’t have its place other than in one chaotically world, which wasn’t at all understood. I’m watching today around me to all this lake of essence surrounding us and I can not thing other than that my grand-pas have been guided by angels.