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“Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe something inside them was superior to circumstances.”  – Bruce Barton

I see more and more often how people start to be less careful about the things around them. We are the only one who can make the difference but we choose to don’t care, don’t see, don’t react. We are hiding behind cheap excuses motivating our apathy. We say out loud that we are leading the truth, but instead, each time when we are asked to react, we take steps backwards.

People, let’s be true. Let’s believe truly in the good principles of life. Let’s have common sense and respect truly this only life we have. What it has been given to me to see in this new century? We demanded freedom and rights and now we abuse of them, we are unable of understanding them. We lost ourselves and now we are pretending to be the greater ones. We can not be good even hidden behind Internet. We are bad in real live and dreadful worse behind a keyboard.

It has been given to me to see just aggressiveness, avarice, rules without content, stupid and no sense demands, expectations from people who have been encourage to steal the work of others, abuse of the kindness of another and encouraged to lie.

We don’t know anymore what’s that a friendship. We are calling each other friends with whom so-ever, but when it comes to show that we are friends we are hiding our heads in the sand. We are criticizing the others behind, and stupidly encouraging them in front. We are waiting for the others to fail and we are happy about it. If someone has the gut to say the truth loud, we are muttering blaming that one brave soul and encouraging again the most ugly of the human behavior, just because we don’t have the courage. We like to be friends with good and bad sides and never we have the courage to do the right thing.

We are complaining all the time about things that are wrong, but each time when it’s the right moment to show our involvement, we choose to run. We are poisoning the rest and making the good people to feel bad, because they dared to tell the truth. Where we are going people? This is the life we ever dreamed about? To be jerky, vicious, unfair? We forgot to appreciate the real people. We spread drawbacks on their way, we don’t love them, we envy them, we are never truly happy for them. We do all this and even more, instead of appreciating them, of following and learning from them. In this new century, equally on internet, as in real life, it become a rare bravery, almost a luxury, to be true.

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  • miss b says:

    First of all, let me just tell you that now I am, for sure, obliged to try this recipe as it looks like something Mister F would absolutely love. I can even imagine his enthusiasm when showing him your post : )

    Second, I think I know what made you write this and the thing I want to say about this situation that I so often confronted with in my work is that no matter what, the copies are always, but always bad, and you can tell for sure what was the first, original version. Yesterday night I was thinking about this and what came into my mind is the saying that . I think all the time, during his story, this problem was present.

    I also wanted to tell you I was shocked seeing your react and saying “out loud” what some of us have seen. I see the world and the very small world of social media as a public place that I personally want to keep as positive as possible. I had my share of bad stuff here and there, so I’d always prefer to keep things quiet. It’s a battle of principles and if some don’t posses them, I don’t want to ruin my day trying to make them come to their (lacking) senses. As in real life, on social media, too, everyone is a friend, but in reality all of us know who our true friends are. Probably facebook destroyed the idea of friendship since anyone if your , but for people who have strong roots there is no bad effect and no distortion of reality. And as in public places, on “friendship platforms” I see the world as a Romanian block, where everyone says hi, and then starts chatting with the neighbor from the second flat about your family or how you seem so well dressed, what are you up to?! In the end, from a whole block, there’s probably one or two persons who will help you when you’ll be in need. The platform may be different, but the people are the same.

    My mother used to tell me that I judge people too high, they are not all like me and I should expect from them what they are capable to offer, not what I would want them to offer. And in every block I’m pretty sure there are very few people able to give just as much as you would want them to, in terms of principles, honesty and friendship. Aaand, another piece of saying from my mom is that common sense is a luxury these days. From someone being a teacher, I think she knows what she’s saying, unfortunately.

    The good news is you are not alone among all these 😀

    PS I hope my ideas made sense and I was not off topic.
    PPS You may probably judge me for what I wrote seems less inclined to action that what you’ve wrote, but it’s the experience of too many headaches fighting with people with no principles speaking. I realized that in some situations, not saying out loud was good for my health, since the results were the same even if I would have fought.


    • Gabriela says:

      I’m glad you found something delightful here for Mister F.

      Yes, you guessed well, but even more then just that stupid situation is the fact, that more and more I see this happening. Out there will be always people inspiring from here and there, this is true. But inspiration, should be done in their own way or at least, they should provide credit if they used other’s creation. I can not stand the people who can not write a simply line, saying from where they took the inspiration. But, you’re right, the copies are always bad and the people are always astonished by their beauty.

      I was shocked to see that at least half of the people saw the magazine and they knew that those were cheap copy-cats and they were still giving appreciation. Ok, if you don’t have the courage to speak about something so outrageous, have the courtesy at least not to give appreciation and encourage such behavior.This was the moment when I decided, I simply don’t want to be like them and stay quiet. Some of those who saw all the “show” were just sitting quietly, lacking courage to say something that was so obvious. This person was making constant copy-cats at least for some months already and for that specific situation still had the shamelessness to deny all.

      I was thinking that maybe I judge people too high also and I have too high exportation, but really all this should be at the basis of each one’s education. Have we already downgraded to a less intelligent race? We seem to accept all nowadays, not matter from where is coming, in which shape, origin or content. The common sense is more and more a true luxury. Yesterday I was thinking about all this situation and I was felling like in that movie “Idiocracy” (you have to see it, or at least watch the trailer, you will give me right, is the most stupid movie I ever watched, but really with so much truth inside – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/). Thanks for being there for me, for sure you are one-of-the-kind piece from all the rest. Hugs, xoxo.

  • Frau Sonntag says:

    whatever it is, it’s gonna be alright!

    I just came back from Malta and I learned a maltese world that can be applied in almost every situation: Mella
    Mella can mean everything from “whatever” to “we’ll see” to “ok” to “it’s gonna be ok”…
    so, I hope you can have a little more “mella” in your life…
    take it easy, be happy and it’s gonna be ok.

    • Gabriela says:

      Thanks for you sharing. Mella is the perfect word for this given situation and almost made me feel better. I’m lucky to have such amazing readers!

  • kankana says:

    Those are some strong words and all true! I wish we all would react and act on things to make it better!

    As for the recipe.. love it. Love eggplant, I have never seen white eggplant, does it taste the same ?

    • Gabriela says:

      That’s right, Kankana! I love too eggplants and recently discovered the white ones. In comparison with the purple ones, the white eggplants are not that bitter, are creamier and soft once cuted in slices. So if you want to fry them for instances, you should consider to cut them in thicker slices. However, the flavor palette is not that different.

  • stefania says:

    Un blog meraviglioso complimenti

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