Roasted Garlic, Eggplant, Summer Squash and Tomatoes Creamy Soup

“Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe something inside them was superior to circumstances.”  – Bruce Barton

I see more and more often how people start to be less careful about the things around them. We are the only one who can make the difference but we choose to don’t care, don’t see, don’t react. We are hiding behind cheap excuses motivating our apathy. We say out loud that we are leading the truth, but instead, each time when we are asked to react, we take steps backwards.

People, let’s be true. Let’s believe truly in the good principles of life. Let’s have common sense and respect truly this only life we have. What it has been given to me to see in this new century? We demanded freedom and rights and now we abuse of them, we are unable of understanding them. We lost ourselves and now we are pretending to be the greater ones. We can not be good even hidden behind Internet. We are bad in real live and dreadful worse behind a keyboard.

It has been given to me to see just aggressiveness, avarice, rules without content, stupid and no sense demands, expectations from people who have been encourage to steal the work of others, abuse of the kindness of another and encouraged to lie.

We don’t know anymore what’s that a friendship. We are calling each other friends with whom so-ever, but when it comes to show that we are friends we are hiding our heads in the sand. We are criticizing the others behind, and stupidly encouraging them in front. We are waiting for the others to fail and we are happy about it. If someone has the gut to say the truth loud, we are muttering blaming that one brave soul and encouraging again the most ugly of the human behavior, just because we don’t have the courage. We like to be friends with good and bad sides and never we have the courage to do the right thing.

We are complaining all the time about things that are wrong, but each time when it’s the right moment to show our involvement, we choose to run. We are poisoning the rest and making the good people to feel bad, because they dared to tell the truth. Where we are going people? This is the life we ever dreamed about? To be jerky, vicious, unfair? We forgot to appreciate the real people. We spread drawbacks on their way, we don’t love them, we envy them, we are never truly happy for them. We do all this and even more, instead of appreciating them, of following and learning from them. In this new century, equally on internet, as in real life, it become a rare bravery, almost a luxury, to be true.

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