Raspberry Sorbet – Sense and Sensibility

I’ve grew up in a very beautiful small and quiet town next to the mountains. I spent my childhood and teen age painting. And I was hoping to do just this, one day. My father was painting too. In my bedroom, on the pink wall, I had this very beautiful painting by him. I was looking at it all the time, trying to understandwthat is inspiration and what feelings it gives to me. In painting, I found that very much precious feeling, of forgetting who I am and being transported far away just by the beauty of colors.

At 17 years old, I left to see Paris. At 19 years old, I convinced myself, that I need to break my limits, I left behind the comfort of home and decided to explore the world. The beauty of the unknown places I saw, made me feel different, but I was all the time, coming back to this one particular question : is this what I want? Adventures in the unknown world are wonderful, but I felt constraint by the prejudice and harsh judgements of the ones around me. When you are in the comfort of your home, of a place that you know since ever, you don’t feel this so much intense.

Growing in this period of time, that most of us knew as communism, and hearing all the time speaking around me about the bad things that communism left on us, made me feel, that I was not having the freedom of speech, of acting and living as desired. And even more, I felt that communism, actually was nothing, the worst things were the judgements and prejudice of people. I choose not to come back to my country and taste the liberty abroad. Actually, I was trying to find my place, a place that will govern the good principles of life.

What Liberty Ate, does mean all this, it’s my personal journey in finding that place where I will feel I belong, is my journey through my dreams, is my journey where I seek the freedom of doing the things I never had the time or chance to do. What Liberty Ate it’s a place of very personal, almost intimate point of view, and please feel free not to come back here, if you seek other things.

What Liberty Ate magazine – issue #2, has been released last week. This new issue has brought me equal joy and disappointment. This magazine, as well as the blog, have so much incredible work behind, so much time lost to produce something that you think is going to inspire others. Many of you, appreciate this so much, and your messages and wonderful comments, filled my heart with so much joy. I thank deeply to you all. These comments, were making me realize that my work was not in vain.

On the other hand, there are these judgemental people, which are hurrying up to crucify you, because they think, that the world inspiration has been brought just by a single person. After the wonderful feature of the WLA magazine on Decor8, for which I’m grateful to Holly, I received a particular message, saying that all my work it’s a copycat of the very famous blog What Katie Ate. Seems that any association of the words “what” and “ate”, and usage of fonts, makes your work a copycat. I would like to tell to all these mean people, to wide open their eyes and look around. And then, please you – look once again around and tell me what you see. Yes, you will see the same as me and all the other : a sea of good food blogs that are making use of the free online tools, to create something on their own, that seems a copycat of What Kate Ate blog. What Kate Ate has it’s very big originality and very particular photography style, that can not be copied and any usage of the same tools that she is using, will not make any of the blogs who are adopting this inspiration in their own ways, a copy.

What Liberty Ate is a capsule collection of moments, that I create for myself in order to explore the beauty of the world around me. This is my place where I share my photography, with a vintage vibe, which is not commercial, so please don’t expect to find here studio photography and luxurious shots.

What Liberty Ate got also a brand new logo design, wonderful hand-illustrated by Madalina Andronic. I was working since few months already on the re-brand of the logo (v2), but I was not sure if I want to keep it digitized or more naturally human. Then, I stumbled upon Madalina – a very original and inspiring Romanian illustrator. I presented my proposal and she came up with this beautiful version of what I wanted (v3). She also made the wonderful background that you can see on Facebook, which will be soon integrated also on the blog.

I will leave you with this sorbet, which is my addiction each time the summer comes. Well, in Brno, it’s not yet summer, but in the past weeks, we had very high temperatures, this pushing me to make again a raspberry sorbet for my craving. There are never enough raspberries for me!