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Last week my recipe of beer onion rings has been featured on Design*Sponge. I couldn’t be any happier, since Design*Sponge – along side Decor8, was one of the first sites I felt in love with. This was happening long time ago, when this blog was not here, and when I was crocheting my dreams. And what’s not to love? Original and diversified content, beautiful ideas to decorate your house, delightful recipes, professional attitude. There’s nothing that you will need not to find in their pages. I was dreaming for so long at something like this, and when it finally came, I couldn’t believe it. I fell proud and scare at the same time, because of the new that was suddenly happening. So, if you are looking for an amazing recipe of beer onion rings with a touch of turmeric and cayenne, please try this one. I assure, you will want more.

Except these wonderful events that were happening to me, and for which I’m feeling very grateful, I’m living such a busy life right now. I couldn’t find an instant of free time in the past weeks. The work has absorbed it me completely. That kind of work that will drain out your energy and will leave you completely helpless. My days were so long and my nights not enough long as I was expecting. The day was coming to fast over the night, the sleep was simply not enough. I hate these days when you simply must finish something at office, and you can not afford the luxury of enjoying you coffee, a sunshine, or a nice message that a friend dropped in your inbox.

I finish my universities studies 3 years ago, and back then I had no idea of what a real job means. You know, I was that kind of girl, that I enjoyed more to study, considering that from there I will suck all my knowledge. Thanks God, it was true! When you are young you never know if the choices you made were the good ones! After years, you look back and then you see, if something was good decided or not. Back in uni, I was enjoining so much the company of those kind of persons, dreamers I called them, they were all the time so full of inspiration, energy, good faith, simply you couldn’t put them down. They were dreamers, but so deep-rooted in reality – one of the best ways to live your life.

When I think now at uni, I miss exactly these people. Not spitefull, not rancorous, ready any time to spread their conviction, ideas, inspiration. This was an amazing source energy for me.

So, with no idea of what a real job’s exceptions are, I started my after-student life. Even if, I was thinking I’m prepared for everything – physically, intellectually – I must said it was ravishing. Real jobs, have nothing to do with your schedule as student. You have so many responsibilities, expectations on both sides, work and work to finish, time need to still study, because you know, studding it’s a life long process. So, after all that, when you have still time for yourself? Most probably, in week-ends.

So, in this almost ending Monday, I found finally, the time, to delight you with this simply amazing tart. Have you ever tried curd? Any curd? And did you like it? Mine, is even better. It’s rhubarb curd. I adore rhubarb and this tart is heavenly piece of deliciousness.




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  • bo3mia says:

    Oh my, the tart sounds amazing! I may give it a try this weekend 🙂
    and, as always, your photography is simply wonderful and inspiring!

    Have a lovely week and my you find those minutes to really a enjoy a cup of coffee and some good thoughts!

    • Gabriela says:

      If you can find rhubarb, please try it. It’s amazing! My boyfriend liked it too, and he is a chocolate guy! I was “stalking” the rhubarb for several weeks on the market, just to be able to taste it again. I love so many fruits, that probably my blog should have not only raspberries and chocolate, in the tagline, but an infinite citation of all yummy things I love. I enjoyed so much your message, that everything else, was almost disappearing. Have a wonderful week you too! xoxo

  • Mihaela says:

    Gabriela, sper sa ai mereu langa tine macar unul din oamenii aceia plini de energie, iar daca nu sunt pe moment, sa fii tu cea plina de energie si sensibilitate 🙂 Nu am incercat pana acum rhubarb, cand am cumparat odata, cu vreo doi ani in urma, l-am aruncat, ca nu prea am stiut ce sa fac cu el. Dar in curand se deschide piata, am planuri mari!

    • Gabriela says:

      Mihaela, daca ai stii cat de mult ma bucura astfel de mesaje! Atunci cand vad ca primesc un gand bun, un mesaj cald, ziua mi se insenineaza. Simt asa, o mare satisfactie, cand stiu, ca munca mea poate descreteste unele frunti, inspira sau pur si simplu, face oamenii sa se gandeasca la mine. Eu ador rubarba, cum vine primavara, eu topai pe la supermarchet dupa ea, daca o gasesti acolo, fa-i un mic test, sunt convinsa ca te vei indragostii si tu de ea!

  • Farmgirl Susan says:

    Your tart looks divine! I LOVE lemon curd, and I’ve been meaning to start growing rhubarb for years. Thanks for the delicious kitchen – and garden! – inspiration. 🙂

    • Gabriela says:

      Farmgirl Susan – I’m happy to be able to provide you a little of inspiration for your garden or kitchen! Try the rhubarb curd, is simply amazing!

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