French Madeleines and Millésime

That morning it was such a beautiful light in our living-room. Sunny morning, still with few clouds left sent from a far away winter. I like exactly these mornings, with enough sun to make things vibrating, but also with that bittersweet coldness to induce more that sens of comfort we need in cold days. For, me the perfect weather will be the one where it will be sun and coldness at the same time. A weird combination of summer and autumn probably it would be.

So, then, I prepared these Madeleines, which have indulged all my childhood. I never made them before. I invited the neighbour over to taste them. She fell in love immediately. The best cake she ever had. Me too. So simple, and so tasty.

Meantime, I have received the beautiful Millésime magazine where I had the chance to contribute for their second issue. Millésime as its title suggest, it’s a magazine about wines and wine culture. I was so excited to receive the first issues and to read my recipe and photography in their pages. I prepared this so simple, yet 10 times delicious, Camember (faux) tatin. As a cheese and wine lover, I couldn’t wait to prepare something that involves cheese. Hope you will enjoy it also!