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Religious is the one who can deprive himself of faith, but not of God. – Emil Cioran

I see spring as a secret garden full of singing birds, blossom and beautiful smelling flowers, green sprouts and exhilaration. Easter is happening in one of the most beautiful seasons. I’m away from my lands, I don’t have close my garden, my flowers and the quiet of the fields where our house at the country side sits.

I will be there with my thoughts, but I will knock the eggs and cheer a glass of wine from these almost beautiful urban out-lands. This year I hand painted my eggs in beautiful red shades and I picked red blossom flowers while waiting the Easter. Soon I will prepare cozonac and roasted pheasant. May all of you have a wonderful Easter!

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  • Elle says:

    That’s stunning. Really amazing and beautiful 🙂
    I can’t help myself from trying it.. Could you please tell me what kind of paint did you use?

    • Gabriela says:

      Hi Elle! Thank you so much for you kind words. I painted the eggs with eggs’ dye – one orange and one red. I choose to use however eggs’ dye and not natural onion skin to coloring, because I really wanted a strong color for the eggs, and it didn’t affect at all the egg. I hardly boiled the eggs, kept them for 10 minutes in a mix of water, vinegar and dye and then painted them manually in ‘abstract’ lines. At the end I just give them a shine with a bit of oil. Good luck for next year!

  • Elle says:

    Thank you for such detailed instructions 🙂 I will definitely try it 🙂

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