Scones with Bacon and Pecorino

Maybe you remember that I spoke you about Ana ( here and here). You will discover her beautiful work in What Liberty Ate magazine, which will launch next week. There she has a very lush editorial about her city and the food she loves. She is a very diligent person, she worked so much to give her best and make available in the magazine, great challenging photographs and recipes for us.

This post is mostly dedicated to her, because she invited me for a guest post over her blog – Just Love Cookin’ and I’ve came up with this absolutely delicious scones with bacon and pecorino. I met her online and then we end up working together for second issue of WLA mag. Over this time, we started to communicate a lot and found we have so much affinities. WLA mag really gave me the chance to know and communicate with such great talented people. Meeting people online is not so easy as it seams, of course you can very easily contact this and that person, but to really build a relationship and start a friendship is really hard. You have to discover so much from the other person, you need to know if you really are compatible and not just that you like the same 1-2 things. In my online friendship attempts I had just few people that I though we are on the same page, you we were looking at different things. Since then I’m very conservative to whom I give my trust. I don’t want to give more than I receive, especially in a online relationship. I’m pragmatic yes, because this doesn’t really leave opened doors for anything else. So, I’m conservative on how much I should give to a totally stranger which just seams he/she likes the same things as me. For me, friendship is still a very important thing. Maybe for others is already old fashion, but I’m don’t want to give up on the real and quality relationships, and seam cold and not involved in anything.

To come back to the scones story, my boyfriend never ate them before. So I had to make him taste them, and he was thrilled about the result. Personally, I fell in love with them, while my journey in United States and since then, I’m looking for occasions to prepare them in week-ends. There are so many foods that I want to try and each time I promise myself, I will do just this and that, but I end up tempted by something else. I don’t know how other bloggers decide on making or not some recipes, but personally I have a hard time not to be tempted by other recipes. And here is not about if the food is healthy or not healthy. Sometimes I have the situation to decide if I will make broccoli gratin or risotto with mushrooms. How do you manage not to be tempted by the multitude of good recipes online?