Optimistic Spring and Romanian Nettle Soup

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.

I found this amazing motivation quote by H. Mackay over at Inc. and fell I was believing already in it before reading it. I’m a optimistic thinker by nature, but this is not stopping me to loose sometimes my balance. We can not think optimistic all day long, there are things that must overcome the happiness and make us to appreciate life at its true value. However, keeping your spirit of mind healthy it’s a must and you should have the winner attitude.

I totally dislike the negative people and truth to be said : I don’t like them around me. They are the pros into giving you that weird vibe and you will eventually carry it with you all day long. Life of course isn’t just honey and milk, but this is not yet stopping you to see good things around you and not fall into the trap of seeing obstacles at each step you take.

I like to be persistent and I will not put myself down at each thing that is not going the way I dream it would. The easiest way is to say “I give up”, but it would be much more rewarding if you will keep your determination. Therefore, I will never give up to my dreams, if I feel that they are really worth it, and I will take whatever it takes – hard work, hard work and again hard work – to make them happen. I said it so many times, but still I can not help myself not to say it again – I’m the only responsible for making my dreams come true. And you are too.

I marked my official start of spring with this amazing nettle soup, very popular in Romania. Back, when I was a child, I didn’t really enjoy it, but today, I think is one of the most delicious and not complicated soups to make. Nettles are full of vitamins and the soup it’s an excellent choice for a healthy meal.