Chocolate Crêpes and La Tartine Gourmande Cookbook Review

It’s hard not to fall in love with Béa’s work. I silently followed her blog with big admiration, till I decide to kindly ask her for an interview for the upcoming issue of What Liberty Ate Magazine. She warmly accepted and this filled me with enormous joy. It’s so inexplicably wonderful to be able to reach out the persons you admire most, and Béa is one of those person whose discretion and talent will get you completely.

For those of you who don’t know her yet, she is the inspiring photographer behind the very famous food blog La Tartine Gourmande. On February 7th, her first cookbook was launched – Recipes for an inspired life. I Immediately purchase it, anxious to read it and try her recipes. When I finally received the book, it was like I was holding in my hands something very precious. With care I turn its pages to discover the wonderful journey thru Bea’s world.

I sat down and I immediately started to read it. I emerged suddenly in her world, with each page turned and everything seemed so natural – the stories, the recipes, the photographs. Béa’s story telling style is simple and not pretentious and will dive you quickly into her world. I fell will the Alice in Wonderland, curious to read everything, to imagine, and mostly to try her recipes.

I didn’t knew what to choose first. Everything seemed so inviting, so easy to make, so tasty. As a morning and breakfast person that I am, I choose these wonderful chocolate crêpes and I made bookmark for other a few recipes that are calling for an asap try.

It’s needless to say how easy was to follow her recipe. And the result was as expected. Wonderful soft and very tasty crêpes. I fell like I was eating something very special. With Béa’s book next to me I really fell like she was cooking for me. The connection with her book was so personal and a virtual space will never be comparable with the feeling of having a real book into your hands. My boyfriends was completely delight by the wonderful crêpes and was of course, was asking for more.

As the book title was suggesting, Béa’s recipes are in truth, for an inspired life.