Génoise with Raspberry Coulis

I was craving so much for raspberries lately. It must be this unpredictable spring, which is giving me thoughts of summer. I was looking too, for an easy dessert, effortless and which had to use raspberries.

A month ago, my mother sent me from Paris this amazing cookbook – Mon cours de cuisine, 500 recettes pas a pas, 3000 photos and I told to myself, that I must give it a try with few recipes. The book is really huge and has everything from french cuisine (oh, my love!), Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Italian cuisine, or whatever cuisine you dream off to taste.

And beside other cookbooks on the market, this book is really great because is using just photographs to illustrate each step. This is making each recipe incredible effortless and it’s giving you so much desire to give it a try. Even the most terrifying recipes are so effortless in this book.

So, I had to start first with french cuisine, because as I said it many times, this is the cuisine by which I’m cooking most of the time. French cuisine is great, because is giving you the opportunity to prepare great meals with the most ordinary ingredients. And the result is all the time amazing. These génoises, didn’t make any exception, I really must to stress this out : this is the most fast and delicious dessert you can have. Just give it a try and you will make it again soon. Also, I took the chance to take them for a taste at Emily’s tea party.