Raspberry Wine-y Homemade Ice-Cream – Waiting for Spring

We stepped in a new, so-desired dream. It took so long, to be finally, here. We sent all of our dreams on the sails of a dove. We have our love, we have us, we have belief.

All of our future dreams put me in good mood and got me inspired. They made me tell my story. Piece by piece, shot by shot. One-dish meal featuring a simple raspberry homemade wine-y ice-cream full of flavor and color. Raspberries’ feast to head off to the wonderful spring.

The change of seasons always make me learn something new. The expectancy of the new life, makes me so anxious waiting for the first blossom flowers and their beautiful smells. Spring resembles to me to the human story of the heaven : blossoms, purity and new life. Memories of my past springs, make me think about what really inspires me, makes me happy. At this crossroad, I stop, take a breath and give my best. Beauty can be pleasant in so many ways, the same way how happiness presents itself to us so differently. May you all have a wonderful spring!