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I was looking for crumbs of spare time since the beginning of this year. I was hoping I will have time for that time of doing nothing. This year started fully packed with projects at my day job and projects for this blog and for WLA magazine. I will take a break for a few weeks in order to refocus and work more on the WLA magazine and finalize all my pending projects. Meantime, I leave you with a pie that my boyfriend loves it : the dough it’s made after the recipe of my grand-ma and can be stuffed with anything you want. I choose spinach, because represents for me the beginning of the spring and cheddar, to feed my addiction to cheese.

I’m rarely doing this, but I would need your support for the Homies 2012 (via The Kitchn), where my blog has been nominated in the Best Food Photography Category, I would appreciate one or two votes from you. In order to vote you have to :
1. Access the competition page: http://www.thekitchn.com/best-food-photography-on-a-blog-nominations-the-homies-2012-166623
2. Scroll down the page and sign in with Facebook or Twitter, allow the application in Facebook or Twitter, choose a display name and register. You can disallow the application from your Facebook/Twitter settings afterward.
3. Access again the competition page, search for What Liberty Ate and vote : http://www.thekitchn.com/best-food-photography-on-a-blog-nominations-the-homies-2012-166623 . Thank you so much!

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