Forgotten Meals – Rice Pudding, Pancakes with Nuts, French Toast and Jams

I remember my childhood week-ends full of creative activities and good food. My grand-ma used to make us this rice pudding as breakfast in the week-ends.

Sometimes we were spoiled (me and my twin sister) with her delicious pancakes and freshly grounded walnuts and hazelnuts. I adore hazelnuts and I remember the story that grand-ma seeded in our minds, with tales that a fairy was bringing to us the hazelnuts. She had a drawer full of whole hazelnuts and she cracked few, each times we were craving after some crunchy snack.

Other times, bravely, she endured the summer heat in the kitchen, to prepare french toast. The soft egg-y sweet bread was the perfect dessert for our sweet teeth. Remembering all these easy and delicious recipes that grand-ma used to make for us, couldn’t stop me to remake them. The taste and their wonderful flavors transported me again in those days when no charges and issues were bounded to us. We were kids and we were enjoying the life, simple, with no worries! Have a nice week-end you all!