Raspberry Wine-y Homemade Ice-Cream - Waiting for Spring

We stepped in a new, so-desired dream. It took so long, to be finally, here. We sent all of our dreams on the sails of a dove. We have our love, we have us, we have belief.

All of our future dreams putRead more

Forgotten Meals - Rice Pudding, Pancakes with Nuts, French Toast and Jams

I remember my childhood week-ends full of creative activities and good food. My grand-ma used to make us this rice pudding as breakfast in the week-ends.

Sometimes we were spoiled (me and my twin sister)Read more

Earl Grey and Physalis Sorbet and a Sneak Peek on WLA Magazine

I've been absent from this place more than I wanted. Is hard for me to manage both my real job and the blog, but is so rewarding to be able to balance it. You can not think creatively all the time, andRead more