Marlenka and the Syllogism of the Bitterness of Life

Cezar? Don Quijote? Which on of them, in my arrogance, I wished to choose as role model? It’s not important anymore. The fact that, one day, some time or another, from over the seas, I begun to conquer the world, all perplexities of the world… – Emil Cioran

The work of Cioran will never annoy me. His is showcasing such deep humanity spirit issues, which are still up-to-date, after all these years. We’ve invented such wonderful technology tools, but we are not still able to fix our spirit issues. We are totally incapable to admit life’s substantiation, we are running here and there, like crazy people hoping to catch some lustre.

I’m incapable to understand from where or whom has injected in some of us, this desperate need of recognition. Suddenly you are waking up in the morning, you are turning on the TV, and you see a bunch of dumbbells making “entertainment”. You go on and start browsing internet and then you see the same game, but this time they are pretending they have invented something that has been there since always. I ache for those times, when people were humble and did not pretend they are the greatest.

The modern technologies affected some of you, in the way in which our thinking mechanism has been stimulated to overdo something. There should be people in the farms, there should be people governing a country, there should be people creating artistic value. Sadly, today, we all are small caricaturisation of Michelangelo or Annie Leibovitz. Instead of caricatures, I wish to see out there, real talent, which will be promoted, not fake and cheap illusionary. I’m also sure that many of you went to art school…

Meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this great Marlenka makeover alongside a good book and a coffee. While I was photographing the cake, I introduced in the composition also my twin sister‘s poetry book – Divina tragedie, which has been the subject of many awards in Romania.