Disclosures and BLOGourmet

Dear all,

As you could already noticed, in the past months I start my posts with a short column of intimate thoughts about life. This is my way to show what I think about something in particular and to reveal more of the things in which I believe. Today I want to speak a bit about vulnerability and honesty. Or let’s just speak about human condition. When we were kids we were dreaming about a world of perfect people, relationships and whole happiness. With each year unwounded from our lives we understood that the real world is completely different from what we were used to dream about.

I was raised with respect to education, religion and life’s principles. I was an avid learner and still I am, I loved to study and I took the most I could from the people I respected. Last week I had the tremendous pleasure to reconnect on Facebook with one of my teacher from high-school and this connection represented so much for me. He was actually the main teacher that was coaching us and he is actually retired. When I met him again on Facebook, it seemed that all the high-school memories replayed in my head. All his advices that he struggled to implant in our heads during high-school, payed off finally. I couldn’t believe that time has fly so quick. From him, my grand-parents and from other few teachers that I was truly appreciating, I understood that integrity is all related to honesty. You can not be honest without being vulnerable. By being vulnerable we are trying to understand and accept those feelings that most of the people are hiding and are ashamed of.

By working in a big and demanding company, I learnt that the best you could do for yourself is to be as much as honest with yourself as you can be and never be ashamed of it. I’m ashamed when I make mistakes, but I’m never ashamed for being honest. I’m that kind of person that is always relying on perception of value in order to make an analyze. I love to analyze, to criticize, well this must be not a news at all for people which have been beside me and understood me. I don’t like to make connection just for the sake of having people around me. I’m a very sociable person with those people that I feel can understand me. Let’s not be anymore cynics and admit at least for ourselves that connection is not just about having all the people around, but just and only those who matter.

I understood and accepted my vulnerability with time and I took advantage of it in order to make real the perception of values I wanted to create. I really wanted to build my work, no matters of which kind – creative or technical, on some authenticity. I didn’t want to be and be seen as a different person that I actually am. I fell I couldn’t betray that image with which I grew up, the image of integrity.

Last week I had the pleasure to win the 3rd place at BLOGourmet Gala in Romania, competing at food porn category. I have to give my most sincere thank to all the people that believe in my work and vote me for this competition. I truly appreciate your support and I hope that my work could guide and inspire you and equally make you turn to your authenticity more. My photographic stories, thoughts, disclosures have always been part of me, by which means I tried to draw the boundaries of things in which I believe.