Disclosures and BLOGourmet

Dear all,

As you could already noticed, in the past months I start my posts with a short column of intimate thoughts about life. This is my way to show what I think about something in particular and toRead more

Marlenka and the Syllogism of the Bitterness of Life

Cezar? Don Quijote? Which on of them, in my arrogance, I wished to choose as role model? It's not important anymore. The fact that, one day, some time or another, from over the seas, I begun to conquerRead more

Ana's Winter Doughnuts

The glacial weather has embraced too much Europe. In Czech Republic is incredibly cold, and in Romania, according to the radio news, there are weather warning, something that we call in Europe, orange and red codes. I'm working from home because I'mRead more