Winter Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. – George Bernard Shaw

I remember it was a nice summer day when the thought of pulling out together a magazine came to my mind. Laying on the grass, in that early summer day, eating my lunch, made me realize what people around me needed. They needed and they need almost the same things as I and you need. Attention.

Laying your eyes on something that you recognize as being a problem and try to fix it by proving a solution full of consideration, actually means solving the problem. I didn’t want to build a magazine or a story that will please me, but you. I didn’t want to build something that I needed, but you don’t. I wanted to build something for you and prove myself that I can succeed.

It is easy to thing just about yourself. It’s harder to think about the others around you. It’s consideration, if you’ll manage to provide to them, attention.

I was not scared making mistakes. And I made. Is normal. I don’t remember to have started a new road and not making any mistakes. I made mistakes and I learnt from them. I never thought that my project is not a good idea. I wanted make it happen and I had in front of my eyes the roadmap. I had the desire. A strong desire.

This wonderful project – the magazine – made me encounter wonderful and talented people, put me in contact with a few of the international bloggers that I admire so much, made me learn new things. Either if we are speaking about real commitment for a project that I imagined being for you, or about audacity to interview the people I admire, or simply how to keep having faith and patience.

The issue 2 of our magazine is on it’s way and it will be packed with lots of fresh and original creations. I’ll take this opportunity to introduce one of our new contributor, a wonderful all-things-design Romanian website called Designist. They will be writing and presenting yummy design creation for the magazine. They are a very fresh and original appearance in the Romanian www and are embedding their work with real journalistic and eye sensitive approach. I’m sure you’ll all love their work.

Be true and delicious and always follow your passion!