Pavlova with Exquisite Fruits and Tatratea Liqueur Sauce

Winter snowing day. Cold, flabbergasted view. Cozy house with smells of fruits, jams and coffee. Cold wind and sunny sky from time to time. We are living an unusually strange winter.

When I was a child I saw myself at the same time policeman and painter. I had many sides of me. I still do. However, today when I understood myself better, I knew why I needed these two sides of me.

Actually all these rolls that we played during childhood, were more or less parts of our personality. My organizational skills, my high analytical sense and excessive sense of right were highlighting my need to be policeman. On the other side, my creative needs were demanding determined creativeness. We can not divide ourselves into two different parts, but we can juggle between different parts of our personality.

Today, I’m neither policeman or painter, but I’m driving my life through the sense of creativity, I’m keeping my analytical side active and trying to mix both, in a melange of the right measure.