2011 Resolution and my Favorite Bagels in New York Style

2011 has been a year of knowledge, decision and achievements. It has been a really difficult year, but beautiful. In 2011 :

I started a wonderful collaboration with Romanian magazine Atelierul.
I started photography classes and took photography as a daily assignment of practice.
I decided to create and publish my first photographic cookbook. This process has been a statement of my creative side and passion for photography and graphic design.
I went even further and create a bi-annual home made edition of a delightful magazine. I had the honor to have my magazine reviewed by Decor8.
I met a few wonderful people and took important decision about life and future perspectives.
I created a few wonderful custom designs for creative people.
I extended my official IBM certifications and information management knowledge and took successfully several technical exams.
I started testing delicious childhood and traditional Romanian recipes and discovered the wonderful Czech recipes.