My First Turkey

There are so many recipes and foods that need to be tried at least once. I have eaten turkey before of course, but I have never tried the American Thanksgiving recipe, and even more I never prepared a turkey by myself. So I had to try all this. Thus, I went to the grocery store, and looked for the perfect turkey. I founded it and came back home very happy. Then, I stumbled upon this amazing how to make the perfect turkey recipe on Saveur’s website and I had really no excuse to postpone the roasting of the juicy bird.

What I’ve learned after I prepared this recipe is that roasting turkey is really easy. You don’t need at all to complete the recipe or prepare fancy garnish to serve with it or any stuffing. I choose just some simple basmati rice with pomegranate and the divine gravy sauce. I must to say that you will do no justice to a turkey if you’ll serve it without the gravy sauce. This sauce completes the meal perfectly, so that you’ll really not need anything else aside. The leftovers were even more delicious the next day. The next challenge will be of course to roast the perfect duck.

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