Burger with Scrambled Eggs and Beef and Pork Sliders with Spicy Relish

Dear friends,

Tomorrow I’ll enjoy the cold wind in Prague in a short visit, followed by a visit to Vienna on Saturday and a new visit to Prague on Sunday. Hopefully, the weather will be kind and we will have a bit of sun to warm our week-end. In the past weeks I found myself just on the roads, and this messed-up a bit my universe. I like traveling a lot, but all I need is just time to recover after one trip. I didn’t had yet this time, and I feel a bit sick, especially with the perfectly grey Brno weather.

However, this weather, is giving me the opportunity to practice the shades and the light better. If my summer photography is bright, pinkish, my winter photography will redeem the austere colors of the grey weather. Meantime, enjoy this generous burger!