Home-Made Raspberry Sorbet

I spent last week studying and working and also preparing for our upcoming vacation. On Monday I’ll be in Vienna, and in three weeks in Venice. I’m really excited about these vacations, because the pressure and stress started to build up around me. In between, I was working on the fall issue of Atelierul magazine and WLA magazine. Atelierul has successfully made its way to the printed format and is available to be purchased in Romania. In few days I’ll receive the first printed issue and I’ll post here more details about it.

What Liberty Ate magazine its my next project and I can speak now officially about it. WLA magazine will be an international magazine that will speak about all things food and photography around the globe. It will come packed with interviews from international awarded food blogs or photographers, stories from the kitchen of the most creative Romanian food bloggers, travel guides and much more. The magazine will be launched soon in late fall. Until then, eat with me some raspberry sorbet to cool down this summer.