Dream Big – The Making of Sweet and Sour

Among millions of people which think each day that dreams can not come true, I choose to dream big, I choose to believe. Each of us is dreaming to something, but most of us don’t really believe that we have the power the make our dreams come true.

A few months back I choose to revolt against the fear of “dreams can not come true” and thus I start a journey on my own. A journey that I needed to take, a personal challenge that was waiting for me, hidden in some corner of my mind, soul and life. I really believe that we must be opened and vulnerable to things around us, and that we have the power to change something, to create. We must not fear ourselves, we must wish enough to achieve a dream.

Sometimes, we are waking up with that great desire to make something. I don’t remember exactly when I had this feeling, but I remember, that one day, I was sitting at my desk, preparing to write a post here, and suddenly I knew that now is the time to take a challenge. That challenge, that so-wanted self-assignment was my first photographic cookbook.

In two days I had the idea wrap around, and I started to work on my first book almost immediately. I knew already what I wanted to have inside it, what kind of recipes, what kind of stories, what photographs. The hardest part was to get decided on the cover of the book. It was really a challenging part, because after all, a book its judged by its covers. I wanted to have a cover that will represent my style, the spirit of the blog, I wanted to be eye-catching and of course, to be relevant for its content. Initially I thought about some kind of illustration of a dish on the cover, but finally I bound to the photography. It was difficult to decide between 6 potential covers.

Finally, I decided on the photograph with the strawberries and the cocktail, because it tells a story, is like waiting to be discovered, has that convivial and joyful feeling. The other potential covers were not chosen, because either they felt to busy and too dark, for a book cover, either they were too generic,  and they didn’t convey to the content and the spirit of the book.

The challenges in this insane process of creating a book by my own, were laying not just into the photography, that I wanted to explore deeply and deeply, but also in the design itself of the book. I had a double job in this challenge : cook food close to my soul, photograph those dishes and finally put everything together in a design that will reveal the spirit of the photography and food. I choose without fear, tones of pink, because pink is really a nice color and not just for Barbies. I wanted to outline the need of beautiful feelings into our lives, with sensual illustration and sublime photography.

When Blurb sent me the first copy of my book, I couldn’t be more happy. No dream can describe the happiness of holding for real the book in your hands. I designed it and I took care for 6 months to make the book real, but the actual feeling of really having it, is way better. Even now, I still don’t believe, that I managed by my own to make it real. Just believe in your dreams and don’t be afraid to go further then you were used to think.