One Year with What Liberty Ate

One year in the kitchen with my blog meant so much for me. I learn so many things about food, about how to prepare a tasteful meal, about photography. But even more important than this, I learn how to enjoy more the life’s wonders and I put my best into creating a good home for you all, here.

Equally, I learn that people are not really good intentioned, even hidden behind a keyboard, that people are jealous and not really enjoying the good things that life’s offering to us. But with good or bad, I made friends here, I met the wonderful crew of Atelierul, I create a Holiday Recipe Collection, or a Soup Journal, I had the courage to create a small cookbook, or two 🙂 and much more interesting projects will follow here. I really thank to all my readers and to those people which really believed in this blog and supported my projects.