(Late) Happy Easter

I’m back from my very short vacation and I dare to post here (even after one week) few shots from my Easter vacation in my home country – Romania. I was at the country side and we had a wonderful time together with family, even thought the weather was incredible moody. I was so happy to finally be able to smell my favorite tulips seeded by my grand-pa and all the blooming flowers of the fruit trees in our garden.

For Easter we had as always traditional romanian dishes such as the cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and ground meat, vegetables salad and of course the famous lamb steak.  We had as well the incredible ground magic meat rolls on barbecue, which we dreamed about to eat at first instance we land in Romania. All this were prepared by my grand-ma, which food I was really missing.

What I’ve prepared you can see below. Very easy-peasy appetizers with asparagus (my favorite), ham and a delicious blue-cheese dip, red eggs and spring vegetables. For dessert we had an amazing chocolate marquise (recipe later on).

Enjoy your wonderful spring, my dear all!