Honey Corn Flakes (Different) Doughnuts

This week I tried a special extra easy and healthy snack. It has just honey, corn flakes, almond flakes, walnuts powder and raisins. It has the enough sweetness to fill you in a day. It has just raw ingredientsRead more

Orange Spaghetti all'Arrabbiata with Parmegiano

I'm still in the Italian mood, trying a lot of combination and variation of all kinds of pasta. Tonight is time for spaghetti all'arrabbiata, already in love with, since my French era. I've used sameRead more

Week-End Favourites : Baked Sweetcorn, Packaged Pork Shoulder and Green Spinach

This could be the first time, when we've had such big piece of meat for lunch. We don't likely eat pork to often, but this big piece of pork shoulder was exquisite. The pork meat has fat (too much) soRead more